“Have courage and be kind.” These beautiful words spoken by Cinderella’s mother in Disney’s live-action feature reflect what I want my acting students to take away from my classroom when they leave. I want them to realize that the best acting comes from an empathetic, compassionate connection to other human beings, and from a courageous willingness to commit to their imaginations and to try new things.


Sofia graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Theatre and Dance, and is now an MFA Performance Candidate at the University of Georgia, Athens. With five years of experience coaching debate, as well as experience as an acting coach and theatre teacher. She is a professional actor having appeared in eleven television shows, over fifty commercials, multiple plays, improv, short film, and voice over work. She is also a director, writer, producer, and podcaster.


As a woman living in a country that unfortunately still treats us differently than men, and where women have to fight for equal opportunities and safety, I have felt first hand what it is to be defined by my external appearance, rather than by my interests, personality, and competency. I understand the difficulty of getting the community at large up to speed, and acknowledge that it takes everyday, informed actions from every individual to create change.


From Learning to Love Commercials, to improv-inspired acting classes. Movement to on-camera acting and self-tape prep, Sofia offers a variety of classes centered around kindness and hard work.


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"One of the things that was clear to me from the start was her dedication to education and to the well-being of the students. As a judge, Sofía would always ensure to give feedback that, while clearly delineating areas of strengths and weaknesses for the debaters, would motivate the students to continue dedicating themselves to the activity. [...] What I believe to be another of Sofía’s distinguishing traits: she actively seeks to learn in order to improve any activity she involves herself in."
- Rodrigo Ponciano, Mexican Debate Association


"Sofia also possesses very strong skills in the classroom. She understands how to discuss simple to very complex topics with students. She understands how to break the lesson down so that all students can follow along while allowing the strongest students to help lead the group through their learning. She definitely has a strong grasp on how students learn as well as several dynamic ways to present content to the classroom."
- Mark Webber, Webber's Ed